EXCELLENT "Ted Talk" video that discusses the idea of intelligence, a growth mindset and success. Much of my own research is in this area, and I think that it is important to share this important "discussion" with you as parents. Check out the work of Carol Dweck for more on this topic.

Great Reads for Gifted Readers

Curriculum Focus

Here is our focus for May...

Language Arts - Read Aloud, Shared Reading and guided reading (discussion circles). Students will look at newspapers and their structure (5Ws) and will explore the concept of media bias. We will continue to discuss the reading strategy of synthesizing (combining what one already knows about a topic with what they have learned to come up with a new evaluative opinion of a text). Students will learn about the inverted pyramid structure of news texts as well as how this organization allows for irrelevant information to be omitted. Summarizing the text in one headline will be taught through numerous interactive activities. Furthermore, the class will practice their skills by completing a summary in an alternate format of a relevant news article. We will deconstruct newspaper articles together examining fact and opinion and supporting our thinking with references to the text. The class will use this knowledge to complete a recount newspaper article. EQAO prep for reading and writing will continue to take place as needed. Students will review past exemplars as well as strategies to obtain a level 4 response (e.g. APE) and self or peer assess their work based on the model given. Formative assessment will be given to students, and parents are asked to sign the work in their EQAO binder on a weekly basis.

Mathematics - Chapter 13 : Probability will explore expressing the probability of something as a fraction and percentage. We will learn about how to organize our data and illustrate probable events using pictures such as a tree diagram. Enrichment will focus around comparing theoretical and experimental probability with multiple events. We will be leaving our Chapter 13 (probability) enrichment work until after we complete chapter 14 so that students feel well prepared for the standardized testing. Students will then move on to Unit #14: Patterns in Motion. The unit covers transformational geometry (translation, reflections and rotations) as well as rotational symmetry and the order of rotational symmetry. Students are to apply their knowledge of geometric angles to suggest the point, angle and direction of a rotation both on a shape and outside of a shape. Moreover, they will examine uses for transformational geometry in a real-world context through dance, Kente cloth designs and a task that involves a description of M.C. Escher’s artistic work.We will continue reviewing sample EQAO questions (both multiple choice and short answer format). Students are encouraged to show their mathematical thinking thoroughly through calculations (numbers), an explanation of their math process and a concluding sentence (words), as well as pictures to help support or prove their answer (e.g. table, number line, PV chart, graph, counters etc).

Religion - Unit 9: Do Not Be Afraid. Students will explore the concept of baptismal renewal as well as an examination of their conscience. May is the month of Mary and throughout the course of this unit, students will pray the rosary to her. During Catholic Education Week, we will hold a prayer service daily for the religious theme of the day. The virtue for this month is Responsibility. In connection with this virtue, I would like the students to participate in various lessons and simulations around the topic of bullying as well as their responsibility as Catholics to eradicate and stand up to bullying behaviour in their school and in their community. This would be a good time to discuss this concept with your child at home and perhaps look at some relevant news coverage of the topic. I hope to discuss the concept of being an ally as well as methodologies for dealing appropriately with behaviour that targets others in a negative way.

Social Studies - Origin and migration of Vikings as well as early French and English explorers. Moreover, we will examine the impact that exploration had on Canadian First Nations peoples.

Dance - The focus will now be on the swing, modern dance and hip hop. Students will learn dance moves that correlate to these genres and will work collaboratively to piece together what they have learned using the elements of dance. This will help set the stage for our talent show routine choreography.

Health and Physical Education - The focus for the month of May in gym will be track and field in preparation for the SJM Track and Field Day. A new event has been added (Standing Broad Jump). Students will learn proper technique for sprinting, long distance running, high jump and running long jump. They will be assessed on performance and participation and will continue to work on setting new personal goals at each event. It is crucial that students come prepared for physical education with appropriate gym attire and have proper running shoes with support.